One on one classes

Photography requires a peaceful mind, a passion for knowledge and the heart of a dreamer, nevertheless photography can bring you joy, each and every day will make you see this world in so many different ways.

You want to learn what your camera can do? You want to improve your composition, find a style of your own, express yourself and think as a photographer? Join my one on one classes.

I don’t do traditional photography classes, I take each student trough all the necessary technical knowledge (camera settings, lenses, filters & more), basic & advanced composition, finding the perfect angle, light, color theory, black & white photography, types of photography (abstract, portrait, landscapes, street, fashion, fine art), post-processing, selecting portfolio, software for photographers and how to publish your work.

I work one on one with a student, and 90% percent of the time that we will spend together you will be using your camera, so at the end of the course you will have a full portfolio. You will learn, discover and enjoy photography at it’s fullest.